6 Reasons to Have Your Phoenix Holiday Party at 810 Billiards and Bowling

Planning your company’s holiday party or a holiday party for your friends and loved ones? Look no further than 810 Billiards and Bowling! With so much fun packed into one place, your holiday party will be the hit of the season. Here are 6 reasons to have your Phoenix holiday party at 810 Billiards and Bowling!

1. Everyone loves bowling – Whether you bowl like a pro or use the granny throw, everyone loves a good round of bowling. The thrill of a strike or the aww-shucks of a gutter ball gives everyone in your party the fun they crave.

2. Battle on billiards – Our billiards tables are a star of our location and for good reason. Playing billiards takes a keen eye, good aim and a dose of luck to overcome your opponent.

3. Mechanical bull riding – Try your hand and your balance on our mechanical bull! How long can you last before you can’t hold on anymore? Have your party here and you can duel it out with your friends or coworkers to see who can master the bull.

4. Complimentary board games, foosball, table tennis, darts, shuffleboard and more – If bowling and billiards aren’t their thing, your family or coworkers will find something they enjoy among our assortment of other games and amenities!

5. Tasty eats – We have a large selection of shareables on our menu, including fried onion, chicken wings, boom-boom shrimp, fried pickles, quesadillas and tacos and potatoes of all types and preparations. Or your party can enjoy our brick oven pizzas, burgers and greens. There is something for even the pickiest eater on our tasty menu.

6. Satisfying drinks – From drafts, lager pints, soft drinks, to well drinks and crushes, there are satisfying drinks for everyone in your group. With tons of drink options, everyone will find something they like for sipping (or gulping) here!

Do you hear what we hear? That’s the sound of your friends, family or coworkers having the best time ever at your holiday party! How much fun can your holiday party be with us? Let us count the ways. These top 6 reasons to have your Phoenix holiday party at 810 Billiards and Bowling will ensure your crew has the fun time they crave along with great eats and delicious drinks! It’s the holidays done right! Book now with [email protected]!

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