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10 Interesting Facts About Bowling You Probably Never Knew

Few things are as fun or as satisfying as a great game of bowling. Challenging your friends or family to see who can rack up the best score is a great way to encourage some healthy competition. But how much do you actually know about the game of bowling? Chances are you have never heard most of these 10 Interesting Facts About Bowling You Probably Never Knew about bowling.

1. The first indoor bowling lane was constructed in New York City in 1840. Outdoor lanes had been constructed in parts of Europe prior to this.

2. The game of bowling was seen for the first time on TV in 1950. This introduced a larger portion of Americans to the game of bowling.

3. Bowling was once banned in America to stop soldiers from gambling on the game and neglecting their duties.

4. Items needed for bowling were discovered by British archaeologists in Egyptian tombs dating back to around 3,200 BCE.

5. Bowling balls come in a variety of different weights. The heaviest bowling ball you can get is 23 pounds.

6. Initially, only men were allowed to bowl and women were excluded from playing. In 1917, the Women’s National Bowling Association was founded to give women the opportunity to play and made the sport more inclusive.

7. Early bowling balls were originally made of wood or a heavy rubber. Modern bowling balls are made of a polyester resin that was first used around 1960.

8. Japan is home to the largest bowling alley in the world with 116 lanes at the Inazawa Grand Bowling Centre.

9. 9-pin bowling is currently illegal in all states except for Texas. The standard number of pins is 10 though up to 17 pins have been used at points in history.

10. More than 67 million people bowl in the United States every year.

How many of these interesting facts about bowling did you know? Bowling is one of the most popular games in America and it’s easy to see why. It’s fun, exciting and gives you a chance to #besocial with your friends and loved ones. What could be better? Come on out and experience the fun for yourself at your local 810 Billiards & Bowling location!